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You earn Vstore.com commissions on every product you sell, first time, every time. With product commissions that range from 2% to 15%, that’s real money in your pocket. There are no hidden charges of any kind. It’s that simple.

Here are only a few of the products that offer high commissions from Vstore.com’s wide variety of products:

5 Person Tent – COLEMAN $129.99 $9.00 (7%)
Classic Red Tricycle 12″ – RADIO FLYER $49.99 $4.49 (9%)
5 Piece Luggage Set – TRAVELERS CLUB $79.95 $7.99 (10%)
900 MHz Digital Cordless Phone – PANASONIC $69.96 $3.49 (5%)
Graphic Golf Set – PROSELECT $149.99 $10.49 (7%)
InkJet Printer C60 – EPSON $99.99 $4.00 (4%)


Frequently asked questions
When are commissions paid?
How are commissions paid?
What are the commission percentages?
What kind of commission reports are there?
Do I receive commissions on products I purchase for myself?


Q: When are commissions paid?

A: Vstore.com makes commission payments every 90 days. You are paid commissions on any orders that have been delivered and are no longer covered in our return program (usually 30 days from the date of delivery). Commissions are paid quarterly, on January 15th, April 15th, July 15th and October 15th.

If your commission amount is less than $25, you will not receive a commission check. When your commission amount reaches $25, we will send your check on the next payment date.

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Q: How are commissions paid?

A: We mail you a check. If you didn’t fill out your payment information when you built your store, be sure to visit the Store Administrator and update your information. Vstore.com distributes commission checks in the form of U.S. dollars. This information must be kept up-to-date so you can receive your commission payments. Vstore.com cannot be held responsible if this information is incomplete or incorrect.

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Q: What are the commission percentages?

A: Vstore.com commissions range from 2-15%. Each product has its own unique commission amount that can change depending on availability and pricing. The range of commissions for product categories is as follows:

  • Books: 5-15%
  • Music: 5-12%
  • Movies: 5-12%
  • Sporting Goods: 5-15%
  • Video Games: 2-10%
  • Electronics: 2-10%
  • Computers & Software: 2-10%

As we work to expand our product offering, we will always provide the best commissions possible. Our number one goal is to help you profit as much as possible from e-commerce.

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Q: What kind of commission reports are there?

A: The Vstore.com Administration System contains a section entitled “Reports.” It has many features to help you manage your store, including sales history, and a commission status for each sale.

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Q: Can I buy from my own store?

A: Of course! Do you think your local grocer buys his vegetables from his nearby supermarket? In fact, if you don’t buy from your own store, where are you shopping?

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Q: Do I still get commissions on products I buy from my own store?

A: Yes. Vstore.com pays you commissions on every shipped product that sells in your store.

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Q: What is my income tax liability?

A: Your relationship with Vstore.com is one of an independent contractor. As such, Vstore.com does not withhold any income tax for you. We are required by law to file a form with the Internal Revenue Service for every Vstore.com Partner who has received $600 or more in commissions during a calendar year. You are responsible for your own declarations of income to the Internal Revenue Service.

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Q: Didn’t find what you were looking for?

A: Log in to the Vstore.com Administration System and fill out our feedback form and let us know what you think.