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Vstore.com vs. Affiliates Comparisons

With Vstore.com, the store brand is your own. Customers will return to you, sale after sale, rather than some other retailer, earning you the commission every time. Vstore.com beats affiliate programs in several ways:

A competitive commission on every sale you make
Control over product selection and store design
You keep the traffic!


Still wondering?
Compare Vstore.com and some
well-known Affiliate programs.

Here’s why Vstore.com lets YOU reap the rewards:

You get a competitive commission on each and every sale in your store.

The Intermarket Group recently released the results of its eMerchant Survey, where it was revealed that, on average, 53% of total online revenues come from repeat customers.

Affiliate programs generally only pay a commission if the person sent from the affiliate member’s site buys during that session. If one of your customers goes directly to the affiliate program’s site next time, you’re without a commission and they have a new customer. With your new store, you always see the profits. Betfair was one of our recent customers and they can surely attest to that.

Vstore.com commissions range from 2-25%. Each product has its own unique commission amount and this can change depending on availability and pricing. Most category commission ranges are as follows:


  • Books: 5-15%
  • Music: 5-12%
  • Movies: 7-10%
  • Sporting Goods: 5-15%
  • Video Games: 2-10%
  • Electronics: 2-10%
  • Computers & Software: 2-10%

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You control your product selection and store design.

You choose the merchandise you wish to sell. After all, you know your customers best. For example, you can build a Sports store that sells baseballs and gloves, but you can also choose to stock books or movies that have baseball as a subject.


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You hold onto your traffic because your store links back to your site.

When you build your own store, you can choose to feature a link back to your site. That way your customers are never lost. When they’re done shopping, it’s easy for them to find your site again.

The best way to find out if building a store is right for you is to give it a try. There’s no risk because it’s completely free. You will be surprised by the number of name brands and interesting products that are available to you to sell in your new store.