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The E-commerce Revolution

Expanding at an explosive rate of growth, e-commerce is possibly the fastest growing business segment that has ever existed-and one that has already compelled business, large and small, to invest heavily in the hardware, software and services that make successful e-commerce possible.

Through the innovative approach of Vstore.com, you can join this exciting revolution without any start up costs whatsoever. In fact, Vstore.com provides the first complete, no-cost way to instantly build an e-commerce site that includes a full inventory of products.

In other words, Vstore.com provides full, free access to the astounding potential of the growing e-commerce market. Here are a few statistics:

Consumer e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing fast.

“Consumers in the United States will spend $18.6 billion in 1999, more than doubling the $8 billion total in 1998, and a 615% increase from the $2.6 billion they spent in 1997.”
(Geoffrey Ramsey, eMartketer.com)

“A steady growth trend will continue through 2002 when total U.S. consumer electronic commerce consumer revenues are expected to reach $65.6 billion.”
(The eConsumer Shopping Report)

Lots of people are buying online and more are joining in every day.

“Revenue growth rates of 120 percent – up from 72 percent – are forecast for 1999 and 138 percent for 2000 as online buyers rely on the Internet for a wider range of goods and services.”
(ActiveMedia Research)

“More than 17 million households will be shopping online by year-end.”
(Forrester Research)

“32.9 percent of the current Web population expects to purchase at least one product over the Internet this year, compared to just 8 percent of the current online audience who bought products online during the last holiday season.”