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Vstore.com Features

All yours. All free! Vstore.com gives you everything you need to have a fully-functional online store up and running in just minutes.

There is never a charge for the hosting of your own store.
Transaction Processing
Each store can verify and accept Credit Card payments.
Secure Shopping
Vstore.com provides full SSL-encrypted, secure shopping and aguarantee.
Customer Service
Every store partner has the support of Vstore.com’s customer service staff.
Search function
Every store enables customers to search or browse for products.
Product Presentation
Vstore.com provides images for products offered in your store and even provides your customers with a “closer look” image for improved online viewing.
Real-time Shopping Cart
The customer knows what’s in his or her cart at all times.
Store Customization
You can easily modify the look and feel of your storefront at any time.
Add Your Own Graphics
If you have a graphic logo, you can add it to your own store.
Merchandise Management
Build your own product mix by selecting from over one million different items.
Links To Home
A built-in link to your web site is available.
Tell-A-Friend Service
Announce your store to friends, family, and potential customers with ease.
Live Commission Information
You can see your sales and commission information 24 hours a day.
Reports on traffic to your store, sales and commissions.
Marketing Tips
Expert Marketing tips to help you drive buyers to your store. Also, special just-for-vtailers deals on lots of marketing opportunities.