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Why should you open your own store?

There has never been a better time or smarter way to profit from e-commerce. With Vstore.com, you can open a personally branded, fully stocked, online store in minutes. Vstore.com provides the products, design, marketing tools, and technology for free. All you have to do is customize the store and keep the profits!

Before Vstore.com existed, starting an online business required a big investment in Web site design and technological hardware. Entrepreneurs also had to negotiate with vendors, pay for warehouse and shipping charges, and set up banking relationships to run their business. Now Vstore.com will take care of those details and leave you to enjoy managing and marketing your store.

With Vstore.com you receive the following benefits completely FREE:

  A customizable store-building system
  High-speed hosting of your store by the Vstore.com system
  Management of all credit card transactions
  A vast selection of brand name products to sell
  Product delivery and service support to satisfy the needs of
your customers
  Reports on traffic to your store, sales and commissions
  Commissions on every single sale in every store you open